The Last Bottle of Reposado

We are down to our last bottle of Leonista Reposado.

Why would we discontinue a variant that was our best seller for 3 years? 

Reposado means “rested” in Spanish and is created by leaving the Blanco in oak barrels for 6 months and letting the colour and flavour of the barrel infuse into the liquid. That is why Reposado has a golden brown color and is often referred to as “Gold Tequila.”  It is a very important variant in a Tequila/Mezcal range and needs to be smooth, easy drinking and closest to a “whisky” flavor. 

I love tasting other reposados and understanding what makes them taste different. I experimenting and applied alot of R&D to the Leonista Reposado which we launched in Nov 2017. What makes it special is that it is aged for 6 months in old brandy barrels instead of whisky barrels and american oak instead of french oak. This gives the reposado a sweeter flavor and more South African as brandy is a significant drink of our country. We continued the R&D over the next 5 years trying all sorts of crazy ideas. In 2021 we launched the Reposado Black, an upgrade in both branding and flavor. What makes it unique is we add a little more charr to the barrel before aging and leave it in the barrel for an extra 3 months. We upgraded the branding with a fresh new look and feel with unique and special touches that cannot be replicated by any other brand. The Reposado Black allows the bottle to stand alone on a shelf and "pop" behind the bar. 

We are always pushing the boundaries to innovate and improve each one of our products. Reposado Discontinued opens space for Reposado Black to take centre stage and some more positive evolution in our range.

Branding is fun. Experimenting is Fun. I am so grateful to be able to be creative with the company and come up with a custom bottle just for Leonista. 

Enjoy the Reposado Black….R&D continues and more fun upgrades may be on the way ;) 

Sarah Kennan

Queen Lioness, CEO, Founder, Product development


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