We celebrate women. Always.

But in August we celebrate women for everything they represent and bring to this world. We are a women founded & lead brand. In an industry traditionally male oriented, Leonista is here to bring the lioness spirit to the liquor industry. What does that even mean? Well for one, our logo is a lioness:) And we are focused on enhancing and celebrating the feminine in everything we do.

From our quality craft 100% Karoo Agave spirit, lovingly made with as little negative impact as possible, to investing 1% of our revenue towards conserving the planet, currently with Samara Conservation reserve. The Liquor industry is very traditional, and very much controlled by a few big players.

We'd love to bring something fresh, new, and far more inspiring, by creating the best quality product that changes not only how people see the liquor industy, but how people can do business. We're here to breathe the feminine touch into a very masculine space. A tough challenge. But we are inspired by so many women, in so many different industries, doing incredible things. We are therefore celebrating the divine feminine Lionesses in August. Celebrating all power females out there inspiring more grace and feminine ferocity in the world. Happy women's month from the Lioness pride - Leonista.



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