Thank You Loadshedding

It's really hard.

The power stops, but the show must go on.

Load-Shedding is the notorious buzzword of the year and now part of South Africans daily dialogue. Intermittent power cuts for hours that negatively affect industries around the country and that includes Tequila production. We desperately need consistent power to run the distillery
backend and heat the pot stills in the distilling process.
It's forcing us to get creative and invest into alternative, sustainable solutions so we no longer have to rely on Eskom.

The distillery has now installed solar to help but power storage is still not good enough for a full time need so the dreaded generators which are very expensive and not sustainable have to fill the gap.

A solar run, carbon neutral distillery is the Leonista ultimate dream. So in the end is this challenge fast tracking what we should have done anyway?

Thank you Eskom. I hope to never have to rely on you again in the future, and for African agave spirit production to be powered by the sun.

Sarah Kennan

Queen Lioness, CEO, Founder, Product development

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