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Distribution or “Route to Market” is probably the most important but the most difficult thing to get right in a product business. For 6 years we have tried different distribution partners from small to Large, For the last 2 years we even tried out supplying customers directly. Things were not going well. Four months ago we launched with Craft Liquor Merchants (CLM) a national distribution company with strong sales people all over South Africa and the results are chalk and cheese. Sales have been larger in 4 months than the whole year combined. Their larger team has been able to supply the clients we never had capacity to supply before and offer better support. It is so refreshing to work with a team who are full of energy and passion about Leonista. 

Leonista is in more places means it's easier for customers to purchase and they have better experiences at the bars that serve. Better cocktails and understanding of the brand. 5 months ago it felt like the weight of getting the brand out to South Africa was on my shoulders and the pressure was suffocating. Now it feels like there is a small, passionate army everyday helping her get out there.

Looking forward to a great season with a strong team leading the charge. 

Thank You CLM. We look forward to our journey together.

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