The Karoo. A semi desert region in the heart of South Africa

This beautiful raw landscape is a perfect home to our Blue Agave succulent, from which Leonista 100%Karoo Agave Spirit is created. The unique climate and arid soil of the region, provides the distinctive terroir of the Karoo's premium 100% agave spirit. It is the Karoo that makes the notes of Leonista so unique. Small batch and hand crafted, you will find the distinctive taste of the Karoo in every sip of Leonista 100% Karoo Agave Spirit. Our dream is to give back to this wild and remote landscape. We'd love to encourage positive industry through investment in the region. The Karoo is home to farming and small industry, yet famous for Karoo lamb, wool, and hopefully soon, Karoo Agave:) We're also working hard to bring the Karoo back to its pristine and wild state. As part of our 1% for the Planet pledge, Leonista contributes 1% of all revenue to Samara Karoo, who are reintroducing wildlife, original and regenerative ecosystems back into the region. We love the Karoo. What do you love about it?

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