Leonista - Making a difference.

We are excited to announce that we have just donated R12000 to @samara_karoo as part of our @1percentftp pledge.


We are changing the planet for the better, one bottle of agave spirit at a time. Founder of @Leonista_Spirit, @barbarella_twinkletoes & Samara's @izzytompkins, two women, both passionate about re-wilding the planet, captured here chatting about how these 2 businesses can be a combined platform for positive change. Samara Game reserve & Leonista 100% Agave spirit, have combined forces to proactively make a change through the 2 businesses.


"Businesses are powerful entities, they should be used for change" says Izzy. The funds raised for this round will assist to tag and protect the local lion pride, and assist with vet fees. We appreciate every single bottle bought by YOU, our Leonista pride. It does make a difference. Thank you and happy World Environment day.


#Leonista #KarooAgave #RewildYourself #ReleasetheLionWithin"


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