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Article: Marty’s Bloody Maria

Marty’s Bloody Maria

Marty’s Bloody Maria

• 90ml Leonista Blanco 

•  2 Chilled Bottles Marty's Virgin Mary

•  5-10ml Lime juice (added to taste) 

• A few drops Chipotle Tabasco / Sri Racha (added to taste) 

•  Salt, added to taste 


  • 90ml Leonista Blanco

  • 2 Chilled Bottles Marty's Virgin Mary

  • 5-10ml Lime juice (added to taste)

  • A few drops Chipotle Tabasco / Sri Racha (added to taste)

  • Salt, added to taste


  • 2 celery stick

  • 2 rashers crispy bacon

  • olives

  • cocktail pickles

  • cocktail onions

  • pickled Jalapeno

  • Steamed Prawns


  • Mix the tomato cocktail and Blanco together. Add salt to your preference, then add in your lime and hot sauce to taste. Divide the mixture between two glasses. Fill the glasses with ice and add your desired garnishes.

  • If opting for a skewer of olives or pickles, we like to add about 1tsp of the  brine to each drink.



Meaning “white” in Spanish, this one is smooth and smokey. It is an un-aged variant in the pride characterized by the smooth but distinctly smokey flavour and is the closest adaptation to an authentic Mezcal. 

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