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Black Friday is a term that originates from the US. In the 1950s, people began calling in sick the day after Thursday thanksgiving, and using that Friday when shops were open to give themselves a head start on holiday shopping. In 1966, the Black Friday name became famous after the Philadelphia Police Department had used it to describe the shopping chaos and traffic at downtown stores.

At its worst Black Friday promotes unnecessary consumerism and buying of things you don't need or just because they are on sale. At it's best it's an opportunity to buy specific items for you or your family at the best price possible.
black friday

Consuming in increasing amounts has resulted in the supply of goods growing beyond consumer demand. Manufacturers turn to advertising that manipulate consumers to spend unnecessarily in order to grow profits at the expense of people and the planet. At Leonista, we are not pro-consumerism.

We built our business to empower the people of South Africa, give back to the land where our product comes from and grow our local economy. We’d like to encourage people to make purchasing decisions that have a positive social, economic and environmental impact. By eliminating impulse purchases and opting for companies and products that create positive impact, you advocate more businesses to adopt sustainable practices.
COVID has hurt all of our pockets and made us more grateful for what we have. Every Friday this month we will have a new special under the colours of the rainbow on our online shop. We’d like you to use these once a year deals to to celebrate with leonista love in hand or gift to someone special over the festive season without breaking the bank. For every bottle of leonista sold a % goes to conservation and a local business owner does a jump for joy.
Once the bottle is finished don't throw it away. Please upcycle the glass to become a water or olive oil bottle. If you collect 12 bottles and give them back to us we will happily give you a FREE bottle of Leonista in exchange and we will filter those bottles back into production.


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