Am I a drug dealer? Sustainable drinking

If this business was a rollercoaster we would be at the low point now waiting to ratchet up to the top not really knowing what is ahead or if it's going to be good or bad.

When in Mexico if you shoot Tequila or agave spirit that is a sign that you are not from their country. Quality agave spirits in Mexico are sipped and appreciated. Most of the distillers I met could sip on Mezcal or Tequila from midday to midnight but never got drunk.

Who knows when we can consume again, but before we do I want to pose a thought.

“If you consume consciously, with knowledge and understanding for what you put into your body, then you digest not only with your body but your mind as well.” Warren goodman
I grapple with the thought that the product we produce if abused can have negative effects on your life. Mind, body and soul. To some, I am their drug dealer. 
My hope is to find and promote a balance in consumption of our product. Like the Mexicans I want us to celebrate and have fun with Leonista but never forget to treat her with respect. When disrespected she will disrespect you right back. I want positive experiences and sustainability.
So in the end, I hope that when we can consume again, you will drink with respect.

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