I was meant to be in Mexico by now

I was meant to be in Mexico by now…researching Tequila, Mezcals, surfing the coast and opening export opportunities to the US.  

If you had told me in early 2020 that I would be stuck in Portugal trying to find a reasonably priced flight home, attending weddings on Zoom, wearing a mask every time I went outside and crying every time I heard the lion king soundtrack I would have laughed in your face. But here I sit, late May, looking out at a Portugese summer waiting for something called Level 3 to get the wheels turning again...this is the year where everything changed in the space of a few months and the future is a void of uncertainty.

When life gives you lockdown #Makethemostofit. Hard words to swallow when your whole business is now unable to operate under government laws. Nonetheless, this has been our company motto for the past few months. Lions love a nap under a tree in the hot african sun, but hibernating is not in our nature. We have tried to take this “quiet time” opportunity to do all the things on our list we never had time to do. The past few weeks have been a period of online meetings, throwing old plans and forecasts out the window and making new ones. I am very proud of my team for being able to say that our online game has never been stronger. Today marks the start of our launch week to unveil our lockdown creations (this blog being one of them) Friday is the launch of the big baby, a project I have been dreaming about since day one of starting Leonista - Think exclusive offers, direct clients relationship, branded gear, private online events and cocktail training from the best in the business. Make sure to subscribe to our mail list so you don't miss out.

Running a Liquor business has never been more interesting so I thought no better time to start writing about it. I hope this Blog serves to give you a taste of the goings on inside the Leonista pride and take you on a journey as our story unfolds. Main topics will be around Leonista, the origins and how we grow. Entrepreneurship, specifically women entrepreneurship, insights, advice and inspiration I hope? Sustainability in liquor industry and business. Doing our best to instill and inspire change towards sustainable practices in the industry, inspired by what Patagonia inc has done for the clothing industry. Please send advice and ideas for us if you have any. We are always learning and always striving to be better.

After that, who knows…Its 2020, expect the unexpected ;)

Here's to Cyril who’s has been doing his best and has finally come to his senses. June 01st is a day we can raise a glass to. Make sure you treat your future self and celebrate with Leonista in hand! Subscribe to the link below for Friday's launch so you don't miss out!

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