The 5 Love Language Gifts for him and her during covid

Although Covid-19 has changed our ways of living, now, more than ever, the world needs love to be shared. We couldn't think of a better time than Valentines Day to launch a new product offering to help spread the love spirit safely this year. Touching on the "5 Love Languages" of Gary Chapman, we'd like to encourage you to express love, and experience it, in the same five ways with Leonista—through quality time, physical touch, acts of service, gifting and words of affirmation.

Quality time

Make it romantic with Leonista

Nothing beats a one-on-one romantic date of just you and the one you love. Should you be free to see him or her in person, we suggest you take them on an adventure and prepare some delicious cocktails. Should you be limited by social distancing, our online store offers exciting product offerings such as tasting kits where we do a zoom tasting with with you and your loved ones. It's an educational experience where one can join from different parts of the country to learn about the production process, get tasting notes, try cocktails and ask any questions you may have. 

Physical touch

Expressing and receiving affection through touch, physical closeness, and other forms of physical connection is not easy during covid. Should the opportunity present itself and it is mutual, holding hands, hugging, kissing and sex are all ways of showing love through the physical touch love language. Start with small physical gestures, put your arm around him or her, snuggle up close and enjoy the moment.

Spread the love with Leonista

Acts of Service

It is our duty to give back and support both our local economy and the environment that we live in, hence we show love by consuming or purchasing consciously. A percentage of every bottle of Leonista sold goes towards supporting African Conservation, working to help save our planet. Inspired by the company ethos of Patagonia Inc. Not only do we donate, but you are given the opportunity to offset your carbon with ReSpekNature to plant Spekbooms in the Karoo where our agave comes from.

ReSpek Nature


Leonista Reposado Black 100% Karoo Agave Spirit

Something special like a bottle of South Africa's very own 100% Karoo Agave Spirit is the perfect gift for him or her, but sometimes it's difficult to know exactly which variant or product "he" or "she" would like. Today we launch a new offering on our online store, GIFT CARDS. You can now send a digital gift for him or her to buy exactly what they'd like from our online store. To help make it personal, we've added an expression of love, through words of affirmation.

Words of Affirmation

"Kind words do not cost much, yet they accomplish more" - Blaise Pascal.

Our Gift cards give you the opportunity to send a 40 word handwritten card with your gift when it is delivered. We'll do the beautiful handwriting, you just need to send us what you'd like to say.

Words of Kindness

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