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Inspired by Patagonia, our goal is to be a successful company that positively impacts those around us. We started this business with funds earned by planting trees in Canada, so we would like this seed of sustainability to grow as we continue to grow from strength to strength. We stick to this brand ethos by allocating 1% of our yearly revenue towards preserving and restoring our planet.

We believe in the conservation of wild places and the wild creatures that live there. Over the past year, we’ve been searching for organisations or companies that we can support to make a real change in conservation. Because we value your opinion, we thought - why not ask our Leonista community to help crowdsource our solution? The winning nominations will receive a free Leonista gift hamper - because what better way to take pride in conservation than by toasting to success!


To enter, simply submit suggestions of organisations, companies or NGOs that you believe protect Southern Africa’s wild creatures and wild places (if you're battling to come up with one, we have placed our list of the top spots on our radar). Send us your suggestions in the comments section of this blog, email or tag us on social media (@leonistaspirit) along with the #HelpLeonistaMakeAnImpact. We will support the chosen organisation both financially and by creating awareness so that they may grow.



Restoring ecosystems and empowering environmental stewards through reforestation, urban greening, sustainable development, and environmental art projects.

Peace Parks Foundation

Peace Parks Foundation

The Peace Parks dream is to reconnect Africa’s wild spaces to create a future for man in harmony with nature.

Endangered Wildlife Trust

Endangered Wildlife trust

On-the-ground conservation efforts throughout east and southern Africa.

Waves for Change

Waves for change

Incorporating Surf Therapy to give children living in unstable communities the skills to cope with stress, regulate behaviour, build healing relationships, and make positive life choices.

Panthera Africa

Panthera Africa

A wild cat sanctuary with an educational platform to create awareness about big cats in captivity.


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