Find your favourite spirit with Leonista's limited-edition tasting kit

We’ve seen you lurking - wondering which Leonista 100% agave spirit to try first. Weighing up your options to see whether you’d prefer the classic Blanco or the sweet lingering taste of our Honey Reposado. Lucky for you, we’ve partnered with The Whiskey Rebellion (TWR) to create a bespoke tasting kit that allows you to try all 3 variants in a ritual tasting experience. Often a misunderstood spirit, our tasting kit allows you to experience just why our quality 100% agave spirit is described as “tequila’s sophisticated parent spirit.”

Leonista tasting kit

Inside the box, there’s a QR code to scan which takes you to a video that will guide you through the tasting. It’s a classic Whisky Rebellion style tasting which dissects the aroma, noise and the palette of the agave spirit, observing the finish and aftertaste. TWR shows you how to get the real taste of the agave spirit using the ‘Kentucky Chew’ method, where you ‘chew’ on the Leonista for 5-10 seconds to warm the spirit and promote the flavours.

Leonista Tasting Kit

The Blanco - Spanish for ‘blanc’ or ‘plain’ - is the lightest flavour. It has a uniquely smoky flavour with a fruity, sweet undertone. This showcases the quality of the agave itself as it has not been aged in a barrel, bringing out the true beauty of the agave.

Reposado - Spanish for ‘rested’ - is aged in barrels from 2-12 months. The Reposado varietals (Black and Honey) have been aged to maturation which adds extra layers of flavour. The Karoo agave variety is very similar to the lowland agave plants of Mexico, which are a bit more earthy.

The Reposado Black is aged for 6-8 months which impacts the spirit's natural colour. Aged in white oak barrels the Black brings a vanilla flavour and a distinct sweetness change, as the barrel tunes down the smokey taste that is present in the Blanco.

Similar to the Reposado Black, the Reposado Honey is the sweetest of the three. It has a distinct honey top note which comes from a small injection of natural wild harvested honey. This adds sweetness but keeps a balance of the vanilla notes from the oak barrels and is the most toned down on the smoky flavour. Honey is a low GI product, which means it gives you a kick with a slow burn of energy release (if drunk with respect).

The Leonista tasting kit is the most ideal way to find your favourite Leonista variant, while awakening the lion within. Sip slowly, and enjoy.

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