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Article: Dry January Is Over

Dry January Is Over

Dry January Is Over

As I sit here sipping on my Amarula coffee with a Leonista on the side at 9am on Feb 1st celebrating the end of what felt like the longest month ever - “ dry Jan '' - I reflect on the pros and cons of this surprisingly challenging experience. 



I slept much better and deeper over the month. My smart watch was giving me sleep scores in the 80s and 90s when usually they are in the lower 70s or 80s.

I woke up earlier and easier instead of my standard hit the snooze button 5 times before struggling to get out of bed. 


My energy levels were better (better sleep probably helped that alot), my body felt stronger and my mind felt clearer. January is always a month of vision and strategy work looking at the year ahead so I really enjoyed the focus it gave me to start the year clear minded and strong. 


I found I was better at sticking to both my exercise and mediation goals each day which was helping me feel more positive in general. 


Spending less on drinks means more for life adventures and dreams.

Breaking an unconscious habit:

I noticed the times I was craving a drink which was usually at sunset or just before a meal. In the end I was able to substitute a drink for anything that was cold, fizzy and refreshing. After the first sip my mind was satisfied. I tricked my mind and it felt great.  

I felt more hydrated in the month since I was drinking a lot more water and soda water when I would have chosen something alcoholic before 

A big take out is I noticed the lack of non-alcoholic beverage options available if you don’t want to drink sugary fizzy drinks or get bored of soda water and Kombucha. New business idea being seeded - watch this space!


Social time:

I felt more introverted and less excited for going out or social interactions. 

Fun and flavor of life:

Life is meant to be fun and letting your hair down is part of that. Drinking is a social lubricant. It's fun to enjoy when connecting with friends and helps conversation flow better. Quality tequilas, Mezcal, beer, wine and cocktails made with fresh ingredients are delicious and can really take special moments or meals to the next level. Living without them is like living without some of the special spice of life. 


Quality over quantity. 

I still love having a drink and don't want to cut it from my life, however I want more quality and less quantity.  I want to consume in a more conscious manner for more life enjoyment instead of an unconscious habit that leads to regret. Like any social lubricant alcohol is a tool to enhance fun, understand how to use it correctly and know when to push the stop button or substitute your next one for a soda water. 

Sooo…see you around for a cocktail or two but we are definitely waking up tomorrow to seize the day! 2024 LETS GO!

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