Deluxe Margarita Party Box

R 1,699 R 1,999


The Deluxe Margarita Party Box comes with everything you need to make 15 of the best classic margarita cocktails. Now kitted with a Leonista copper shaker, Oryx lemon salt (made specifically for the rim of our classic margarita), and agave syrup, our party box gives you everything you need - you just have to buy fresh limes.


- 1 x 750ml Leonista Blanco bottle
- 1 x 250ml Health Connection Wholefoods Agave Syrup
- 2 x Leonista glasses 
- 1 x Consol lime squeezer 
- 1 x Leonista copper shaker
- 1 x Oryx & Leonista lemon salt 

- ABV: 43% 
- Certified Organic by EcoCert SA

(Note: because of an international denomination of origin, no-one outside of Mexico can make an agave spirit and call it Tequila or Mezcal)

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