Our original lionesses: glow-getter Gabriella Charlotte

“When I went to Mexico on a research tour, I saw the culture and industry around the agave plant in Mexico, which I knew grew very well in the Karoo. I wanted to replicate the industry, job creation and quality agave spirit production I saw on my travels. I was also tired of there being low quality tequila and mezcal in South Africa.”  ~ Sarah Kennan, Leonista’s Owner and Founder.

As you can see in the personality of our owner and founder, we believe that most of the fun lies in finding new ways of doing things. We’re proudly South African, focus on quality over quantity, and strive to have a positive impact on the world around us. We’re inspired by people who embody these values. 

One of our original (OG) Lionesses, Gabriela, is an Aries flame – growing and glowing. Happiest in nature and calmest by the ocean, she loves playing with food, design and developing creative businesses.

When she’s not busy grafting, you can find her in the surf, up a mountain, on her yoga mat, reading, writing, cooking up a storm, making beautiful clothing or planting trees.

When asked what she is currently cheersing to, she responded: “I’m always cheersing with Leonista! But, right now, I’m super stoked about getting another step closer to my career aspirations as a creative business developer. I’m currently building a consulting business around this passion, as I love working with small creative businesses and helping them grow. I’m also cheersing to the fact that my little lovechild, Glow, is getting her moment in the sun right now.” 

When cheersing with Leonista, Gabi most enjoys taking sneaky sips of Honey Reposado from a flask on the dancefloor. “Otherwise, I love it on the rocks like a whiskey, sipped slowly.”

At the age of just 22, Gabi launched Glow - a sustainable active wear brand, inspired by nature and functionality. 

Glow’s range of cross-functional clothing speaks to an active, outdoor lifestyle for those who want to feel confident while on the move, chasing whatever make them “glow”. 

Gabriela’s approach to life is simple: work hard, play hard and chill hard: “life is to celebrate! A quote that really speaks to me is this one by The Little Prince: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." I have it tattooed on my body.”

Gabriela’s zest for life and warm, vibrant energy is something we have always admired about her. Thank you for being part of our pride of Leonista lionesses, Gabriela – cheers to you!

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